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Here is our first Video in the Real Estate Investor Series.  It is a Short Introduction to the Course:

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Take a look at the Videos on this page. We will be adding new videos on a regular basis. Call or E-mail with any questions. In the mean time here are some fine homes to look at and an order form for more information.

Real Estate Price are incredibly low as are interest rates.  Now is the time to invest in Real Estate. 

Sensible Real Estate Investing is one of the best investments anyone can make.  Find out how you can Invest in the Real Estate Market Now.

In the long run property values always go up, as do rents.  This book presents a common sense approach to investing.

Gene Riemenschneider is a Real Estate Broker in California.  Gene has spent 30 years consulting in Risk Management and Property.  He is also a licensed Private Investigator and a licensed Claims Adjuster.
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